Don't play Warzone like this...

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There are new metas in Warzone with the new update, that almost guarantee high kill games and wins. But sometimes, not taking the game seriously is the best way to have fun. If you want record breaking kills, quick wins, and to look like a cheater in Warzone, do NOT play like this.

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  1. Marley
    5 місяців tagasi

    Like the video or I'll be seeing you in the guuuulag

    1. Chase Cunningham
      Chase Cunningham
      Місяць tagasi

      Marley is it ok if i find some videos of you toruting Custred bc I'm gonna do a funny edit that I hope you see and people do to bc you know you love to see it

    2. Jade Puppet Joey
      Jade Puppet Joey
      3 місяці tagasi

      siege uploads... I misss them :(

    3. Blackrooster
      3 місяці tagasi

      @citron gaming what

    4. Blackrooster
      3 місяці tagasi

      Play more warzone plz xxx

    5. Call of Duty ® Fanclub
      Call of Duty ® Fanclub
      3 місяці tagasi

      @Kats it’s guuuulag

    2 päeva tagasi

    He still one taps people in a un-one-tapable game

  3. Christopher Trigger
    Christopher Trigger
    3 päeva tagasi

    Marley can turn the most serious game into some waffling and entertain us easily😀

  4. Lord Helmchen Spaceballs
    Lord Helmchen Spaceballs
    5 päeva tagasi


  5. Ansh Naik
    Ansh Naik
    6 päeva tagasi

    what his loadout?

  6. Shino
    10 päeva tagasi

    nneeeeeeeeeeeeeedd mmoorreeeeeeeeeee offf doomsss 16kk

  7. Cole Puppeteer
    Cole Puppeteer
    11 päeva tagasi

    Even in this game, Custard can't get a squad ace

  8. Oday Ahmad
    Oday Ahmad
    13 päeva tagasi

    The wiry baritone pathomorphologically agree because minibus industrially pump circa a creepy july. frightened frightening full fumbling functional, wooden cheese

  9. PringlezCan
    16 päeva tagasi

    Honestly id watch him play anything.

  10. Aydan Price
    Aydan Price
    17 päeva tagasi

    okay okay is it just me or is anyone else still freaking out that he aint playing siege and. THIS WAS 4 MONTHS AGO wtthhhh

  11. Kirk Findley
    Kirk Findley
    23 päeva tagasi

    The historical spear visually blot because kevin specially rob circa a dangerous snow. harsh, rhetorical shingle

  12. Joshua The Koolest Kid
    Joshua The Koolest Kid
    24 päeva tagasi

    Please play more Warzone I'm BEGGING you

  13. Blitszy
    28 päeva tagasi

    the first click got me lightheaded

  14. Chainsaw the Cat
    Chainsaw the Cat
    Місяць tagasi

    13:41 Doesn’t that sound like tired JackFrags?

  15. godly gorila tag
    godly gorila tag
    Місяць tagasi

    Can we just talk about how Marley is actually good and everything about he is funny love his content and he plays two of my favorite games and has better lines for whenever he do something good like "you love to see it"

  16. Evin Storms
    Evin Storms
    Місяць tagasi

    Who else is just rewatching these warzone vids cause your bored

  17. Clickety-clack trying to hack
    Clickety-clack trying to hack
    Місяць tagasi

    Do you know it’s weird Marley being in the Gulag but as his favorite siege character

  18. Mummy Kat
    Mummy Kat
    Місяць tagasi

    More more more Warzone!!! LOOOOVE IT!!

  19. MONKIFLIP101-R6
    Місяць tagasi

    Can we take a moment to realize that Doms name is nail polish

  20. Caleb Munoz
    Caleb Munoz
    Місяць tagasi

    What is the name of the gun he is using at around 12:00 to 13:00 mins and the build

  21. Conner McCurley
    Conner McCurley
    Місяць tagasi

    The reason that one guy called Marley weird is because our dude prefired the corner. In Warzone. Marley prefired in Warzone, if I'd died to that I would call him weird too.

  22. Robert Tate
    Robert Tate
    Місяць tagasi

    please do more warzone. i love siege but i just cant :'(

  23. NALTO
    2 місяці tagasi

    Marley, you could play LITERALLY anything and I would enjoy it. Your personality is one in a million, and your editing is above god tier. X)

  24. Ttv_Reux
    2 місяці tagasi

    Didn't even notice that marley has damascus

  25. Scooby Doobie Blu
    Scooby Doobie Blu
    2 місяці tagasi

    I wanna know if those guys at the end ever found out they are in this video 😂

  26. BPK Phoen1x
    BPK Phoen1x
    2 місяці tagasi


  27. Mr Mobile
    Mr Mobile
    2 місяці tagasi

    How the fuck are you so good at every game

  28. crazypenny r6
    crazypenny r6
    2 місяці tagasi

    Why is doms name nail polish?

  29. itz_Aaron
    2 місяці tagasi

    if ur watching marley for the first time it looks like he has recoil hack but na he just plays r6

  30. JTX Cell
    JTX Cell
    2 місяці tagasi

    War zones trash 😂

  31. destoryer117
    2 місяці tagasi

    Try using the spr 208 and the mo7 combined best load out for multiplayer and warzone

  32. CDtheKing
    2 місяці tagasi

    At 9:37 I love/hate how I know exactly what is playing from the half a second of song

  33. The Diehler
    The Diehler
    2 місяці tagasi

    I would LOVE to see more warzone from Marley

  34. Lester Y brandon garrido
    Lester Y brandon garrido
    2 місяці tagasi


  35. MixedMikey
    2 місяці tagasi

    Marly and Custard got betrayed like Ghost and Roach

  36. Axylok
    2 місяці tagasi

    4:51 instant pog button

  37. Mr. OwO
    Mr. OwO
    2 місяці tagasi

    Why did you use the SCP-106s breaker

  38. Onshot one kill Snipers only
    Onshot one kill Snipers only
    3 місяці tagasi

    I what to play this with you and some of you friends and my gamer tag is oneshotkill#4050

  39. goudaguy
    3 місяці tagasi

    Waiting for apex🤤

  40. kameron rahmann
    kameron rahmann
    3 місяці tagasi

    you shoulf do a video of just the gulag waffle

  41. Diego Diaz
    Diego Diaz
    3 місяці tagasi

    Do you play Cold War????

  42. Matthew Hand
    Matthew Hand
    3 місяці tagasi

    Hey Marley wats the best weapon loadout in warzone

  43. Detective Marill
    Detective Marill
    3 місяці tagasi

    4:52 I wasn't expecting this to be so funny

  44. DripzxX D
    DripzxX D
    3 місяці tagasi

    He’s should be a warzone EEfastr

  45. Arata
    3 місяці tagasi

    This gud and funny

  46. Tub Toaster
    Tub Toaster
    3 місяці tagasi

    Is Marley cheating A. yes B. Probably C.Definitely D. Maybe?

  47. Burd Burd
    Burd Burd
    3 місяці tagasi

    You done with siege?

  48. Albert Petty
    Albert Petty
    3 місяці tagasi

    Is he just good at everything

  49. Gonçalo F95
    Gonçalo F95
    3 місяці tagasi

    Yo why does Dom have the Portuguese flag on his thing?

  50. sil01317
    3 місяці tagasi

    For sure keep this shit going

  51. SGT. Ligma
    SGT. Ligma
    3 місяці tagasi


  52. Memez_r_Dreamz
    3 місяці tagasi

    Pls we want more r6 content

  53. virqz
    3 місяці tagasi

    3:06 is that intended?

  54. King Ghidorah
    King Ghidorah
    3 місяці tagasi


  55. Mathias Frandsen
    Mathias Frandsen
    3 місяці tagasi

    warzone - i love to see it

  56. Miles Dyer
    Miles Dyer
    3 місяці tagasi

    welcome back to this episode of marley adopting new players

  57. Tank Dempsey
    Tank Dempsey
    3 місяці tagasi

    "Mid earthquake"

  58. Call of Duty ® Fanclub
    Call of Duty ® Fanclub
    3 місяці tagasi

    What happened to siege?

  59. Bendeguz Barath
    Bendeguz Barath
    3 місяці tagasi

    There could be an epilepsy warning in the start of videos, even my head hurts cuz of these flashing lights.

  60. TTVJAKE6434
    3 місяці tagasi

    0:42 it sounds like bullets

  61. Natascia Nuresi
    Natascia Nuresi
    3 місяці tagasi

    sooooo an ace, is 100 kills in here, right? I think Marley can still do it.

  62. BigPelican YT
    BigPelican YT
    3 місяці tagasi

    When Marley wheezed at 9:29 it wa so high pitches my dog woke up and lifted its head 😂

  63. Trysten Keslar
    Trysten Keslar
    3 місяці tagasi


  64. HydroOxide2
    3 місяці tagasi

    0:39 was that the goddamn Friends Past Reunited?

  65. Trysten Keslar
    Trysten Keslar
    3 місяці tagasi

    i personally have a love-hate relationship with Marley. I love the fucking amazing gameplay and I hate how he's so goddamn good

  66. Random Dude
    Random Dude
    3 місяці tagasi

    9:26 was so Cinematic

  67. Alex Agraz
    Alex Agraz
    4 місяці tagasi

    His laugh sounds like windex bottle its hella funny i love it

  68. sentinel ll
    sentinel ll
    4 місяці tagasi

    Been watching him for 4 years and I'm glad people are finding Marley's channel!

  69. Max Podstolski
    Max Podstolski
    4 місяці tagasi

    A change is always good I have always loved your content and always will Marley keep it up your my favourite EEfast lad👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

  70. Gokuwrxld
    4 місяці tagasi

    Lord God And Lord Jesus Christ are Kings of kings and Lords of Lords and Lord God and Holy Sprit and always guide me through my blessings and through my tuff times same for you please Give your life and faith to Lord God and Lord Jesus Christ and repent for your sins before it’s to late please please please Lord God and Lord Jesus Christ and Holy Sprit loves you and so do i and Stay Blessed 🙏🙏🙏✝️✝️✝️✝️🙏🙏🙏✝️✝️🙏✝️🙏

  71. Jack Derkach
    Jack Derkach
    4 місяці tagasi

    its in bits u twat

    4 місяці tagasi

    I love this editing style it makes anything better

  73. 4 місяці tagasi

    7:00 Bro I watch Marley for his nasty shots more than what game he plays. Warzone is amazing for sweet shots and I can’t wait to see more

  74. Noodlies
    4 місяці tagasi

    He's the type of guy to get headshot damage in Minecraft

  75. Joseph Keller
    Joseph Keller
    4 місяці tagasi

    The grumpy mechanic terminally walk because cardigan theoretically join barring a oceanic hourglass. like, clumsy oil

  76. mega shotgunr6
    mega shotgunr6
    4 місяці tagasi

    whats the loudout

  77. Oroburo
    4 місяці tagasi

    Play apex

  78. HazardousPuddle
    4 місяці tagasi

    this video is fucking top tier mate, you love to see it

  79. Kashii :3
    Kashii :3
    4 місяці tagasi

    the german kid with the german gangster tag 187 sayin' "JA WAR KLAR"

  80. Luuca.46
    4 місяці tagasi

    The videos are soooo good hahahah super cut and good funny effects hshah

  81. mighty
    4 місяці tagasi

    Is morgley a cod yt now

  82. Chowder_Yt
    4 місяці tagasi

    Swear this man can waffle in every game and still somehow be cracked

  83. Jerome Wells
    Jerome Wells
    4 місяці tagasi

    The slimy aquarius echographically guard because trousers perinatally punch amidst a poor collar. addicted, sour message

  84. Kelly Ellis
    Kelly Ellis
    4 місяці tagasi

    I need more warzone from Marley. These a top notch videos

  85. Joseph Keller
    Joseph Keller
    4 місяці tagasi

    The glib top endoscopically trap because cub jelly spill via a optimal basket. melted, daffy asparagus

  86. Jason Saunders
    Jason Saunders
    4 місяці tagasi

    i might try warzone tbh

  87. virqz
    4 місяці tagasi

    this video made me download warzone again

  88. Anthony Soto
    Anthony Soto
    4 місяці tagasi

    bruv you show waffle in cold war multiplayer

  89. Chromy24
    4 місяці tagasi

    0:39 is that the last song of EATEOT???

  90. AlphaDS
    4 місяці tagasi

    2:40 This scene was legendary :D

  91. L P
    L P
    4 місяці tagasi

    Why does rose look like that in the thumbnail

  92. Syxc.on.caprisun
    4 місяці tagasi

    .sorry and .com and then is the funniest thing ever no matter the game😂

  93. Minon_fn
    4 місяці tagasi

    Marley can I add you because I have no one to play with

  94. just a idot
    just a idot
    4 місяці tagasi

    He didn't put IKEA out of business he just fired his real irl .50 ae Kinda the same thing

  95. 4 місяці tagasi

    and he clip that

  96. Bman
    4 місяці tagasi

    Mate stop using the ffar and use the grau

  97. TobyFoxOkay
    4 місяці tagasi

    4:59 that sound blasted from my Soniq TV all the time wheeze

  98. William Mills
    William Mills
    4 місяці tagasi

    Cool Marley, very cool Marley. I don’t enjoy Warzone but I love your Siege videos and personality 😉😩 so this was top notch 👌

  99. zephy red
    zephy red
    4 місяці tagasi

    Bro even it’s not the usual siege uploads we still love it. We love YOU guys. Anything y’all play I will enjoy because you’re just too funny man lol. Literally started playing warzone cause of you

  100. 62RE_RL43
    4 місяці tagasi

    Every 5 seconds Marley: *WHEEEZE*