Siege Champions VS Paid Actors

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Sometimes you wonder if the enemy team are copper in rainbow six siege, or just paid actors.

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Rainbow Six Siege champions vs coppers that look like paid actors. Not Siege 1000 alpha pack opening, new operator video, or tips and tricks. Just another funny moments video with the wafflers.


  1. Marley
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    Wafflers, we finally have a second channel! Please go and subscribe, hopefully you'll enjoy the first video and all of the future content incoming!

    1. Facetz
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    2. Matteo Faceti
      Matteo Faceti
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      Love Your Videos

    3. Lochlain Duller
      Lochlain Duller
      2 päeva tagasi

      Marley theres a waffle skin for the 1911 tacops

    4. vyenda
      2 päeva tagasi

      I'm excited to see upcoming videos on the second channel! Your content is amazing, I know for a fact that I'm going to love seeing you play other games. Thank you so much!

    5. hqd420
      3 päeva tagasi

      @Juju Phil 7

  2. Luke Boyce
    Luke Boyce
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    Playing Mira on Kanal. The death affect added with the Lego coins. 10/10

  3. bommer yeet
    bommer yeet
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  4. Red Soldier
    Red Soldier
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    How does the drone have a bigger pp than me?

  5. Corey Mckinnon
    Corey Mckinnon
    21 tund tagasi

    Whoever it was that shouted wheres the lamb sauce i just want you to know you've officially ruined that meme

  6. Fhdang 897
    Fhdang 897
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    I love to see more LT custardie

  7. Josh Lippi
    Josh Lippi
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    I want custard and dom back

  8. Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment
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    14:26 based.

  9. J elhaj
    J elhaj
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    106 Alpha Packs! WTF!?

  10. Matteo Faceti
    Matteo Faceti
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  11. Xxx_PeachyGacha_xxX
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    You should do warzone again :)

  12. Lewis Dinsdale
    Lewis Dinsdale
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    You dom and custard should do some gat on marley just messing around or even five m rp stuff

  13. Michael Moore
    Michael Moore
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    I’m watching this while on the toilet 😎

  14. RAD DAD
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    play a scary game in morley

  15. Liam Karste
    Liam Karste
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    when are we getting the next alphapack opening?

  16. Razur Sharp Gaming
    Razur Sharp Gaming
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    When are we getting more merch?

  17. Captain William
    Captain William
    2 päeva tagasi

    Only true gamers remember when marley played with general sam lol

    1. R.F.G XxdemonousxX
      R.F.G XxdemonousxX
      Päev tagasi

      I will watch him. Why don't he and Marley play anymore. Is it cause his attitude

    2. Captain William
      Captain William
      Päev tagasi

      @R.F.G XxdemonousxX He is less of an asshole now and i really like his content i would recommend giving him a watch but he was an asshole back then lol

    3. R.F.G XxdemonousxX
      R.F.G XxdemonousxX
      Päev tagasi

      He hated him so much lol esp when he yelled at his gf

  18. TheProdigyGabe
    2 päeva tagasi

    Hey Marley can you try dead by daylight

    2 päeva tagasi

    Why don’t you play with crispy slap no more

  20. Jaden Kikukawa
    Jaden Kikukawa
    2 päeva tagasi

    Please make a showdown video we would all enjoy that

  21. Jared Jonovich
    Jared Jonovich
    2 päeva tagasi

    Honestly anything you play I’m pretty sure we’d enjoy it

  22. B-Availability
    2 päeva tagasi

    Who else noticed the thumbnail change

    2 päeva tagasi

    so during your bosg killing spree at the end of the round the teamate ela said you stole his ace now you had 4 kills he had possibly 1 this is a very not poggers edit maybe 3 idk but he is very wrong

  24. Kasra Izadpanah
    Kasra Izadpanah
    2 päeva tagasi

    I dont know why but i feel like dom doesn't have the same energy as before. I missed it:(

  25. Luca Tuala
    Luca Tuala
    2 päeva tagasi

    show me your ways

  26. Dannn
    3 päeva tagasi

    19:28 That's what you slipped in, that's what was on your shoe, and that explains the abrasion on your palm

  27. INeedMyInsulin
    3 päeva tagasi

    I realized your from the Uk and not Aus. I feel stupid.

    3 päeva tagasi

    how tf people still watching this trash edits

    1. edweeb
      3 päeva tagasi

      Mad cuz bad

  29. Matthew Cruz
    Matthew Cruz
    3 päeva tagasi

    lowkey kinda wanna see them like actually try in a game like make a vid abt yall ina ranked match and i wanna see yall ACTAULLY try yk?

    1. edweeb
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  30. Bartek Tęgos
    Bartek Tęgos
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    Widzisz mnie?

  31. NBFM
    3 päeva tagasi

    Hi marley today i didnt feel good but i love your vids and it makes me forget abt it thanks and have a nice day

  32. That Dude
    That Dude
    3 päeva tagasi

    This is gonna be like fousey tube where we find out years later they really were paid actors

  33. Zamir Tyrell-Arthur
    Zamir Tyrell-Arthur
    3 päeva tagasi

    Can I get the paid actors username

  34. GunsAndOrRoses
    3 päeva tagasi

    Anyone else not a fan of the new people with Marley? We need Dom and Custard back. These other guys don't have the same chemistry with Marley and they replace it with screaming into the mic.

    1. GunsAndOrRoses
      3 päeva tagasi

      @edweeb strongly disagree. These new guys have no chemistry. It's like replacing the actor for a popular character 2 seasons into a show.

    2. edweeb
      3 päeva tagasi

      It’s better

  35. Shane Broad
    Shane Broad
    3 päeva tagasi

    Did you change editor this is literally epilepsy on a stick like what the fuck is that. Please say it was a 1 off.

  36. Deurikin
    3 päeva tagasi

    hey, check out Escape from tarkov, to make a literal dream come true

  37. OD_Cosmic
    3 päeva tagasi

    Wait what

  38. Unfortunatepigen
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    Dude the fan girl that you just pulled out of me lol I love it man. had to pause the vid go sub and go back to the vid. I NEED MORE MARLEY!!!!!

  39. דניאל קרופוטין
    דניאל קרופוטין
    3 päeva tagasi

    please our project of stop bullying mr pit

  40. shadow stalk
    shadow stalk
    4 päeva tagasi

    I TELL YOU WHAT MARLEY!! if i dont see escape from tarkov on morley by the beginning of next wipe ill unsub for morley! but ill always have marley.. thx for the vids

  41. YoClip
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  42. ThaiMy Shoes
    ThaiMy Shoes
    4 päeva tagasi

    Did you try to make your guy chubby

  43. EZC jinx
    EZC jinx
    4 päeva tagasi

    I’ve never seen Marley shake that much in my lifetime of watching his videos

  44. Valkyrie
    4 päeva tagasi

    This isn't the Champions vs Paid Actors I remember...

  45. Rose
    4 päeva tagasi

    bro management saw the name of the video and then forced him to change it.

  46. CroHyper
    4 päeva tagasi

    why did you change the name of the video? name was everyone are paid actors

  47. Tenacitie
    4 päeva tagasi

    Why is the title diff and the thumbnail

  48. Fluffyswift
    4 päeva tagasi

    Marley has a huge budget for videos

  49. 27
    4 päeva tagasi

    Aww man the title changed.

  50. Father Russia
    Father Russia
    4 päeva tagasi

    You missed the idea of placing the violin sound after killing Gordon Ramsey

  51. darowebros
    4 päeva tagasi

    Marley I’ve heavily base my videos off your channel and I think you would like them, do you have any advice on getting more views. I’ve been stuck with 10-20 views a video and I don’t know what to do. I put a lot of work into them but they just don’t seem to get any traction.

  52. Meloshi
    4 päeva tagasi

    every time the words "paid actor" are said, take a shot

  53. Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper
    4 päeva tagasi

    why did he change the title of the video???

  54. Seahawk23
    4 päeva tagasi

    Plot twist the only payed actors are the ones he payed to be good so his unnatural skill would be somewhat believable

  55. FoolishJosh
    4 päeva tagasi

    Shout out to Marley for the bob Marley song in the beginning jamming by bob Marley and the wailers

  56. Vlixxx
    4 päeva tagasi

    Why did you change the name

  57. Brendan Beers
    Brendan Beers
    4 päeva tagasi

    what happened to the champions vs paid actors?

  58. Braindead Genius
    Braindead Genius
    4 päeva tagasi

    R6 would be such a better game if tk'ing didn't exist. Enables blatant toxicity

  59. Xavier Schultz
    Xavier Schultz
    4 päeva tagasi

    Anyone else hear adult reekid when dom laughs??

  60. L30
    4 päeva tagasi

    why'd he change the name and thumbnail?

  61. Uziel Marquez
    Uziel Marquez
    4 päeva tagasi

    There's no way Marley started singing "Just did a Bad Thing" by Bill Wurtz in 1:34

  62. King Phoenix
    King Phoenix
    4 päeva tagasi

    Ayo marley changed da thumbnail and video name

  63. IsaacCSGO
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    Marley just wanna say you are a awesome EEfastr and makes me happy all the time

  64. GHOST_Viggo47
    4 päeva tagasi

    I didn’t know you was. Playing with nugget

  65. SadBoiLui
    4 päeva tagasi

    marley can u please just post more man

  66. spixcy
    4 päeva tagasi

    Is that Bruce?

  67. ItsCaleb
    4 päeva tagasi

    I think we all know why he is streaming he is trying to get his marley charm in siege 🤣🤣🤣

  68. Ollie Hakin
    Ollie Hakin
    4 päeva tagasi

    I love your videos hope I can 1v1 you soo

  69. gorge washington
    gorge washington
    4 päeva tagasi

    its toxic to spawn kill if you have talente you dont need bad action to win

  70. Moguli
    4 päeva tagasi

    He's probably already done it!? But I hVent seen or heard of it yet? Marley...!? U should do controller? U gotta give ppl a chance bro. Seriously.....!? Lol

  71. CyborgPotatoe
    4 päeva tagasi

    Did the title for this video change or am I losing it……?

  72. Moguli
    4 päeva tagasi

    Marley skills in general...!? R god like? R6s will eventually ban him in all game modes!? His skills r hacks. Even tho there not. But they r....!? Lol

  73. Moguli
    4 päeva tagasi

    1 of ur friends Marley. Saying all clip paid actor? Paid actor every game..!? It's paid actor? Every round of every second bro!? That's how bad his skills look like. It's unheard of. Lol

  74. Kamran Mirzayev
    Kamran Mirzayev
    5 päeva tagasi

    imagine being so bad to be called paid actor. M8 I would have deleted r6 for sure.

  75. La Roux
    La Roux
    5 päeva tagasi

    Changed the name of the video smh. The first title was “wafflers vs. paid actors,” or something to that effect. Marley I’m calling your bs out.

  76. Antoni Karamo
    Antoni Karamo
    5 päeva tagasi

    Bro did you just change the thumbnail and title?

  77. my face is burning
    my face is burning
    5 päeva tagasi

    The amount of times i have heard "PAID ACTOR" is amazing 😂

  78. Tristan B
    Tristan B
    5 päeva tagasi

    What if Marley liked this 🤨

  79. Christine Terry
    Christine Terry
    5 päeva tagasi

    idk y but my freinds told me to stop using shotgun metta but i can't stop

  80. Christine Terry
    Christine Terry
    5 päeva tagasi

    marley we all love and the others make more videos and say hi to juan for me pls

  81. Remedy Playz
    Remedy Playz
    5 päeva tagasi

    Great vid but why was the name changed

  82. Unronical
    5 päeva tagasi

    Who remembers when this was the. Vs paid actors vid

    5 päeva tagasi


  84. BennyB-_-
    5 päeva tagasi

    What’s your favorite kind of cheese?

  85. Mr.gecko66
    5 päeva tagasi

    11:50 Pog

  86. Lucas Barcellos
    Lucas Barcellos
    5 päeva tagasi

    Where’s paid actors title? It was way better

  87. In Soviet Russia we eat Bear pussy for breakfast
    In Soviet Russia we eat Bear pussy for breakfast
    5 päeva tagasi

    5:22 that wasn't a headshot, Marley... You sus

  88. Andrew
    5 päeva tagasi

    Why’s he change the title, used to be Marley vs paid actors

  89. ReeMeister
    5 päeva tagasi

    is it just me or did he change the title and the thumbnail?

  90. iCyrex
    5 päeva tagasi

    did the title change i thought it was like champions vs paid actors

  91. lX2JZXl
    5 päeva tagasi

    i love to se you back G!

  92. harl ster
    harl ster
    5 päeva tagasi

    How many millimetres are you from your screen to see the pistol shots across map

  93. rlgodsen
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    Waffle with me

  94. Zt_duos_yt
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    I watch your videos to sleep so I’m up all night watching every single video and I look up and see it’s 12 in the afternoon

  95. Wakiya Brenton
    Wakiya Brenton
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    trash game is bad delete and start playing cs

  96. C L I P Z
    C L I P Z
    5 päeva tagasi

    hey you changed the thumbnail and title

  97. Draegoth
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    Idk which editor is editing this but it aint good

  98. aquilaking1
    5 päeva tagasi

    just wanted to let you know i started playing r6. 3rd alpha pack was a mp5 black ice I stg.

    1. N30cheetos
      5 päeva tagasi

      shhhhhhh he dosent want to know that

  99. Diralt McAllister
    Diralt McAllister
    5 päeva tagasi

    Down with Nug, more Custy Wusty clips!