Always waffling, likely on Rainbow Six Siege.


  1. Bridgeless
    59 minutit tagasi

    Bro imaging insane Mira buff where you place Mirrors on hatches. You can just see bedroom and church while in bar on club house lol

  2. CHITUS💙⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻
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    On half of Marley’s clips, the editor needs to zoom in so we can see that there’s someone there when Marley gets a one tap

  3. Coaster The Kid
    Coaster The Kid
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    16:31 most wholesome Marley moment of all time

  4. Apophis Void
    Apophis Void
    Tund tagasi

    Can we get a best or worst of dom and custard

  5. Nerfapprentice 2137
    Nerfapprentice 2137
    Tund tagasi

    Congratulations on getting Bucks black ice primary, I thought you get it on your goal of subscribers marker. Love your videos and keep up the great work.

  6. Luke Boyce
    Luke Boyce
    Tund tagasi

    Playing Mira on Kanal. The death affect added with the Lego coins. 10/10

  7. One Sipy
    One Sipy
    2 tundi tagasi

    bucks primary

  8. Sergio Croos
    Sergio Croos
    2 tundi tagasi

    At least no one can steal a downed enemy kill now gg if custurd downed the 5th for the qce and Marley kills him or her custy wusty gets the kill

  9. Bryce Bowen
    Bryce Bowen
    3 tundi tagasi

    I haven’t watch Marley in so long

  10. Wolfman Jax
    Wolfman Jax
    3 tundi tagasi

    Hey marly your cool and u make me happy and when I showed one of your vids to my dog he smiled love the content your making and keep it up! Pls respond to this it would make my day.

  11. Antonio Avila
    Antonio Avila
    3 tundi tagasi

    Here we go again with stupid 😑 game again

  12. Aspect R6
    Aspect R6
    3 tundi tagasi

    II_Freeze_II is a legend he is a legend Im dying of laughter

  13. Impostor
    3 tundi tagasi

    Marley has the best R6 videos on youtube I swear

  14. Trevor Valenzuela
    Trevor Valenzuela
    3 tundi tagasi

    I feel like watching a marley video is like eating a well done steak without seasoning

  15. GreatSmiLE
    4 tundi tagasi

    brandon hart neighbors !

  16. bommer yeet
    bommer yeet
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  17. bommer yeet
    bommer yeet
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  18. Aaron
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  19. Trevor Valenzuela
    Trevor Valenzuela
    4 tundi tagasi

    Thousands of packs opend in past pack opening videos longing for buck black ice, and all it took was 2 random opens between a round of siege😂

  20. Norley
    5 tundi tagasi

    You can ying the floor of you aim at it and press on the scroll wheel

  21. Frankie Hohmeier
    Frankie Hohmeier
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  22. sensei kraken
    sensei kraken
    5 tundi tagasi

    BRO ANOTHER VIDEO SO SOON!! Christmas came early boys

  23. Rapping Raptor
    Rapping Raptor
    5 tundi tagasi

    9:25 Marley has the rinnegan

  24. Localboy Exe
    Localboy Exe
    5 tundi tagasi

    How was he able to jump at 13:39

  25. mr. Ramos
    mr. Ramos
    5 tundi tagasi

    happy xmas buck black ice after 1 maybe 2 years of searching here it is

  26. ernie graser
    ernie graser
    6 tundi tagasi

    *Friend: "I don't remember the last time Marley died"* *Marley:*dies** *Me:"now you do"*

  27. Nathan
    6 tundi tagasi

    I need to know the outro song I have not heard it in a while it’s a vibe

  28. Joshua Tuck
    Joshua Tuck
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  29. John Pearson
    John Pearson
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  30. I_Cypheral_I
    7 tundi tagasi

    coming back to realize marley started the shotgun meta before custard and even got an ace with it

  31. Braxton Rouse
    Braxton Rouse
    7 tundi tagasi

    Marley the black ice idot hoodie is comfy and looks cool bro keep up the icey one taps

  32. Youssef Mazen
    Youssef Mazen
    8 tundi tagasi

    My man's neurons went on full activated and aroused monkey mode when he opened that 2nd pack

  33. riley page
    riley page
    8 tundi tagasi


  34. Niki Starkey
    Niki Starkey
    8 tundi tagasi

    I dont know how u do it im just always in shock lol

  35. [TANIA]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
    [TANIA]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
    8 tundi tagasi

    I don’t know what’s more impressive his one taps or his flow into advertising

    1. No Clickbait
      No Clickbait
      5 tundi tagasi

      The most impressive is how you shamelessly stole someone's comment

    2. fay
      7 tundi tagasi

      You're so unoriginal

  36. GoBrrrrrr
    8 tundi tagasi

    fit you

  37. TheKabi
    8 tundi tagasi

    it was at exactly 12:05 that i pressed that like button. Funny Stuff :D

  38. Ryguy 7583
    Ryguy 7583
    9 tundi tagasi

    Before he opened the alpha pack I said black ice c8

  39. Caleb Behnke
    Caleb Behnke
    9 tundi tagasi

    I just hit a wall bang marley

  40. Liam O'Prey
    Liam O'Prey
    9 tundi tagasi

    Was that a faulty towers reference Marley?😂 “Evening major”

  41. Kluzxy
    9 tundi tagasi

    black ice kapkan headgear lol

  42. LEGENDARYxbox25 TTV
    9 tundi tagasi

    it would be cool to see a attacker that can hack things like dokkebi, but on a gadget scale

  43. ʀ ᴏ ꜱ ᴇe-Vlog Go to My Channel
    ʀ ᴏ ꜱ ᴇe-Vlog Go to My Channel
    9 tundi tagasi

    I started crying in happiness for Marley when I heard his reaction to buck's black ice, it's reminds me of a little child on Christmas

  44. Murk with a Smirk
    Murk with a Smirk
    9 tundi tagasi

    I’d unironically play Raid if my phone wasn’t so bad

  45. Risky
    10 tundi tagasi

    These videos are too funny, ur mates aswell 😂

  46. Raiden
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  47. Jaelkel Derarin
    Jaelkel Derarin
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  48. Killer Dream
    Killer Dream
    10 tundi tagasi

    Which Vid have the quote by custard "Gogo gadget extendo arm "?

  49. Noam Azagury
    Noam Azagury
    10 tundi tagasi

    “The iq on that was through the roof!" Literally lmao

  50. Just_A_Dude…
    11 tundi tagasi

    Bruv I started laughing here 0:01 just cuz the god damm custard’s scream XD (love the vids from all of u btw)

  51. II GOLD
    11 tundi tagasi

    bro I dare you to make a video to make people want to play rainbow six siege again

  52. BurrMarie
    11 tundi tagasi

    I don’t know what’s more impressive his one taps or his flow into advertising

  53. Volk Arcticio
    Volk Arcticio
    11 tundi tagasi

    bro i've never skipped faster on a raid ad in my life

  54. Illussion36#3444
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  55. sheepthekid
    11 tundi tagasi

    2 uploads in less than a month? are we looking at a new marley

  56. One Way
    One Way
    11 tundi tagasi

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  57. Sımettin Özbokuboncuklugillerşahı
    Sımettin Özbokuboncuklugillerşahı
    11 tundi tagasi

  58. LuisPTY-12
    11 tundi tagasi

    3.33M Suscribers 🤨

  59. WaxGolf Entertainment
    WaxGolf Entertainment
    11 tundi tagasi

    He finally got bucks black ice!!!

  60. bun
    12 tundi tagasi

    Marley sounded so broken and empty when he had to say ninja was cool >.>

  61. Nozemi
    12 tundi tagasi

    Hello my man, sorry for breaking your face by accident at 14:22 :( I do actually remember that, even though it's quite a while ago!

  62. Ferris Booler
    Ferris Booler
    12 tundi tagasi

    I would like the outro song please

  63. TF-Kashito
    12 tundi tagasi

    0:50 Fire Force If you know, you know

  64. mannedliger
    12 tundi tagasi

    This mans really put beans and made me pause 10 times just so I can read it

  65. BatesBlade
    12 tundi tagasi

    Hi Marley ur seriously the best youtuber ever I really want to be a gaming youtuber but I can't because I don't have a gaming pc or a good enough pc to play the games. If I ever get a pc I hope to get to see you at the top. Bro thanks for making me have a good childhood and keep up with the great content

  66. Mmiguelitoo
    12 tundi tagasi

    Marleys back boys

  67. MajorManroe
    12 tundi tagasi

    "I don't think they can afford to ban this many players" Ooof😂

  68. Tanner Schoening
    Tanner Schoening
    13 tundi tagasi

    Marley getting Buck black ice is the most excited I’ve ever seen him

  69. ich liebe meine Nippel
    ich liebe meine Nippel
    14 tundi tagasi

    I like that you play more rainbow again :)

  70. CodenameFuse
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  71. This Guy
    This Guy
    14 tundi tagasi

    @meatymarley i just aced after 1 week back on the game 1v5 on defence. And custard still hasn't got his after years. Love you man

  72. T-Virus Terrance
    T-Virus Terrance
    14 tundi tagasi

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  73. Bxrry
    14 tundi tagasi

    r6 is such a great game, always a vibe

    1. ThePentaGamerV 2003
      ThePentaGamerV 2003
      11 tundi tagasi

      I tried csgo. Should have never, all i wanted was free crates... Guess its alpha packs from now on.

  74. ʀ ᴏ ꜱ ᴇ-Vlog Go to My Channel
    ʀ ᴏ ꜱ ᴇ-Vlog Go to My Channel
    15 tundi tagasi

    Just found his content and subbed, this is funny as hell

  75. ARAL MA
    15 tundi tagasi

    My only question is dat how u arent bad

  76. xXSakura MoonlightXx
    xXSakura MoonlightXx
    15 tundi tagasi

    Hey Marley Its been a year! It's me "Kairi Nucum" You met me on BunBunJane's Channel. That aint my real name but yeah- Hope you remember me 😄

  77. Chump Music
    Chump Music
    15 tundi tagasi

    I'm on a lot of medication right now idea Marley should play For Honor

  78. ʀ ᴏ ꜱ ᴇ-Vlog Go to My Channel
    ʀ ᴏ ꜱ ᴇ-Vlog Go to My Channel
    15 tundi tagasi

    The Madness Interactive sounds never get old. At least I think that's what those are

    1. angelina
      15 tundi tagasi

      AISURU.TOKYO/angelina?[🥳] (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*18 years and over EEfast: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" EEfast: Be gone #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #Интересно #забавно #девушка #смешная #垃圾

    2. angelina
      15 tundi tagasi

      AISURU.TOKYO/angelina?[🥳] (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*18 years and over EEfast: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" EEfast: Be gone #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #Интересно #забавно #девушка #смешная #垃圾

  79. Leon
    16 tundi tagasi

    Never been this late…. I played too much Raid